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Semolina Factories

Konelmak Engineering improves itself day by day with decades of process knowledge and state-of-the-art automation facilities. It comes together to create customized automation solutions to meet your exact needs. In addition to providing controlled and efficient analysis to the semolina factories with automation systems, it offers its customers unconditional 24/7 service and support in case of a breakdown or problem. It helps you to profit from time and budget with the facilities it provides. It aims to reduce the workforce by preventing the waste of your products with easy packaging. With the plan built on efficient production, it brings the best and reliable service for the unconditional satisfaction of its customers.

Konelmak Engineering, which takes its customers one step further with the advantages of efficient production, increases the growth rate of its customers with special solutions it provides to its customers. Our company, which aims at efficient production by always facilitating the work of its customers, will facilitate the operation of your semolina facility by allowing you to track and report your product from the entrance of the raw material to the factory through the easy tracking system.

Food Safety

Concerning food safety, Konelmak Engineering will help ensure that your products are handled in the best way, and that semolina factories consistently offer higher quality, improve safety standards and increase operational safety and facility availability. Our company, which is the destination where you will get all the solutions from a single source without complicating your work, will offer you the best and technological solutions with its innovative solutions and professional staff

Factory & HQ

Büyükkayacık Mh. Ankara Cd. Konya Organize Sanayi Girişi No: 294/1E Selçuklu/KONYA

Tel. + (90) 332 345 05 35