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Technical service

With its technical service facilities and solutions, Konelmak Engineering can reach all its customers regardless of their domestic and foreign markets. Konelmak Engineering, which can be a solution to every problem with its wide and experienced staff, provides additional 24/7 technical service besides projects that will increase your efficiency. Thanks to this principle of operation, it provides longer-term projects and brings more efficiency to its customers with less budget. The professional team does not leave you alone in any situation that may occur afterward, as it is with you from the design to the implementation of the project.

Factory availability is one of the most important goals for every processing company. Konelmak Engineering can help you avoid downtime and reduce production breakdowns every day of the week anywhere in the world. Our professional service and support networks connect you with industry and processing experts who understand your challenges. Remote diagnostics, regional centers, and local support engineers work together to maintain your facility, maximize uptime and ensure peace of mind at all times.

With the technical service, the repairing process is carried out regardless of the region by first determining the part where the product that has malfunction has malfunctioned. For this reason, no matter where you or your product is malfunctioning, your device malfunctions are resolved. Within Konelmak Engineering, you will be provided with a technical service that suits you and the device you are having trouble with, which is reliable and can be sure of its quality.

Factory & HQ

Büyükkayacık Mh. Ankara Cd. Konya Organize Sanayi Girişi No: 294/1E Selçuklu/KONYA

Tel. + (90) 332 345 05 35