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Silo and Storage Systems

Silo is a structure where wholesale materials are protected, stored, and built according to the size of the project. Konelmak Engineering, which always gives importance to customer satisfaction, enables customers to monitor and control the process from the computer screen with the possibilities it offers in the silo and storage areas. Silo filling and unloading priorities can be programmed so, the system can operate fully automatically. The benefits of this for our customers are less time and more efficiency.

Konelmak Engineering offers the best control system and monitoring panels that streamline the operation by ensuring that the processes for the raw material occur in a certain order, the automatically repeated processes are regular with the control devices, and the situations involving the safety of the equipment and people are carried out quickly and precisely. it brings ease of advancing faster.

Service & Support

As soon as the crops are collected, cereals and seeds need to be cleaned, dried, and stored with minimal waste. For this reason, our company, which provides the comfort of controlling everything by managing everything from the computer screen, provides the advantage of intervention immediately in case of any defect or problem. Konelmak Engineering will help you maximize efficiency with maintenance support by not leaving customers alone in difficult times with 24/7 service and support. Our company is aware of its business responsibility and creates safe and robust automation systems in the best way for its customers.

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Tel. + (90) 332 345 05 35