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Planning and Configuration

Konelmak Engineering, which has accomplished many works in the field of automation with the electrical facilities, continues to lead the innovations and developments in its sector with the electrical engineers staff. Our company, which meets all your electrical automation needs in this process, offers you the most suitable solutions with its experience in the sector. With its quality and reliable materials and workmanship, it has adopted the principle of giving you the best service. With its professional staff, it offers you an efficient workforce by using the best technology. It develops projects to provide infrastructure in away that enables customers to get the best efficiency.

Electricity, which has a great importance today, gives life to every function of our company in the industry with its regular installation and quality of infrastructures. In order to use this resource safely and efficiently, it is vital to establish the electrical installation system within the framework of certain rules from the beginning to the end of any project. Since materials and manufacturing are two very important factors, Konelmak Engineering works with great care and dedication with its team to get the highest quality and the best materials selected.

Technology and Quality

Konelmak Engineering continues to work with passion to achieve the best results for its customers by combining technology and quality in parallel with the monitoring and planning of each stage of its work with its engineers. Provides 24/7 service and support for related issues without abandoning the principles of customer satisfaction.

Factory & HQ

Büyükkayacık Mh. Ankara Cd. Konya Organize Sanayi Girişi No: 294/1E Selçuklu/KONYA

Tel. + (90) 332 345 05 35