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Konelmak was established with over 10 years of experience with a clear goal of being the top in the industry, with the difference and the variety of products it offers, it achieves the success of Turkey and abroad. It has an important position in the domestic and international markets through continuous progress every day with its marvelous engineering products that combine technology and confidence with confident steps. By combining the concept of engineering with R&D studies, it continues to grow rapidly day by day with certain steps in the field of electricity and automation by continuing its investments in the country's economy and the future..

Konelmak got an important position in the global market because of their successful work with many regions in Turkey and abroad, it produces in a closed area of 5,000 square meters in the organized industrial zone of Konya. With its innovative and technological policy, it surpasses expectations every day and aims at full customer satisfaction by offering the product with perfect quality at the highest level. Through the engineering investments and studies, it becomes a leader for the future of these fields.


We combine Engineering and Technology

Focusing only on the electricity and automation sector since its establishment, it has a great devotion to implement projects with developmentoriented policies that grow with Turkey these days. our company aims to increase the quality in all fields of production, service production, and respecting the environment. With this quality, it does not compromise service for the satisfaction of its customers, it is aware of its job responsibility and gives importance to job security in every sense. Despite the competition in the industry, it has a good place in the market as well. Provides the most reliable technologies and engineering services to its customers by using the advantages of technology requirements.

Combining engineering and technology with experience, flour factories, semolina factories,pasta factories, silage factories, corn semolina factories, pulses classification and calibration facilities, seed preparation facilities, silo storage systems with control panel, while at the same time conducting the electrical-automation for production and assembly process, It carries out the manufacturing and assembly operations of packaging panels, efficiency machines panels, and automatic annealing machines panels. In line with customer needs, the project meets the needs of product, service, maintenance, assembly, and repair on time and by adhering to quality principles.


Our Quality Policy

  • To be a pioneering company that respects the environment and life values in the electricity and automation sector.” To produce high quality at a low cost by the production and assembly of Konelmak Engineering.
  • Continuous improvement towards developing the system by providing the necessary resources and the participation of our professional team in each stage of production and support operations.
  • Ensuring that system objectives are communicated to employees, a clear understanding, and to keep the communication channels open.
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment for our midwives working on behalf of the organization,
  • To monitor the technological developments and suppliers’ performances at internationally with professional staff,
  • Our committment to keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level.
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Factory & HQ

Büyükkayacık Mh. Ankara Cd. Konya Organize Sanayi Girişi No: 294/1E Selçuklu/KONYA

Tel. + (90) 332 345 05 35
Mail. info@konelmak.com